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“...My overall experience was pleasant and I would def recommend them to anyone! Oh and by the way...I CAN SEE 20/15!!”—Larissa G. patient review
“...I have never been able to see like I can now. I feel an overwhelming sense of FREEDOM!...”—Lisa J patient review
“Great experience...I am pleased with my results and would definitely recommend.”—Coral G.
“It's been 2 months since my lasik and I am happier than ever! Good doctor, everything went smooth!”—Stephanie C. patient review
“Everyone was professional and made me feel at ease.”—Charles S. patient review
“...I would highly recommend Dr Burger to anyone who is considering having lasik done.”—Jason B. patient review
“...I think Dr. Burger did such an excellent job as I felt nothing and only saw the best vision I've had in my whole life!”—Josh W. patient review


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